Scalper Finance

Fees & Shares


Overall Fee of vaults: 3-3.5%


Redistribution to $SCALP Holders & SCALPY Buyback: 2%
Performance Fee to SCALPY Team : 1%
(for Gas, Strategist, Marketing, R&D, Audit fees, future expansion & dev's salary)
Referral reward: 0.5%
There is a team constantly working towards building this platform and continue to keep this a "Safest place to invest". Generally 2% of the revenue is distributed to Stable Pool & "SCALP Pro" users, 1% of profit is taken automatically during every stabilization as performance fee, in some cases (depending on platform) this fee may be increased, you can check the fees any time in vault page. 0.5% of the profits will be sent to referrer in case if any user referred by some other user.