Governance tokenomics

$SCALP will be the governance token used to allow $SCALP token holders to vote and participate in governance of the Community and Ecosystem. Also the $SCALP token is dividend eligible token where part of all vaults profits will be used to buyback from open market thus it increases token price consistently.
Total supply of $SCALP token is capped at 80,000, meaning only 80,000 tokens are allowed to be on circulation on anytime. 72,000 tokens will be available for public, 10% of the token which is 8,000 $SCALP reserved for scalper team. This 8,000 will be timelocked and will be released to the team in 4 phases, each phase with 3 months interval.
$SCALP will not be pre-minted or sold as ICO, instead there will be 4 governance pools deployed where users can stake/Farm following assets to earn $SCALP tokens. All governance pools will run for 2 months with following tokens rewards.
Governance pool:
TBD : 18000 $SCALP tokens
TBD: 18000 $SCALP tokens
TBD: 18000 $SCALP tokens
TBD: 18000 $SCALP tokens
Based on the amount of tokens staked and duration of staking, users will be rewarded with $SCALP tokens. 33% of revenue generated against the user deposited funds in governance pools will be added as rewards in a reward pool where users can stake SCALP-USDT LPs in Stable pool (Use only MM finance to supply LPs) and earn proportional share of stable coins. This Stable pool will run for 2 months to ensure availability of adequate $SCALP Tokens to public also for SCALPY buybacks. We will be listing $SCALP token in all major DEXs for trading and farming.
After 2 months this staking pool will be migrated (as SCALPY Pro) to reward $SCALP tokens as reward instead stable coins.
You can earn 0.5% of your referee earning when they deposit using your referral link. You can get your unique link of referral in Scalper homepage.
How to buy SCALP tokens?
$SCALP Tokens can be swapped at MM Finance, please use USDT to swap $SCALP for better slippage.
Users can stake their SCALP-USDT LPs in "SCALPY Pro" pool to earn more $SCALP Tokens, SCALPY will purchase $SCALP from open market to reward users. This helps pricing stability of $SCALP token.
Stable Pool
User who staked SCALP-USDT LPs in this pool will get rewarded with stable coins proportional to their staked tokens.
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