How is the protocol revenue distributed?

Till $SCALP token launch, all revenue generated as governance fee will be securely stored under below address, after launch revenue will be distributed as below.
After $SCALP Launch
All revenue generated on the platform from vault fees is sent to and handled by the Reward Pool smart contract in form of the stable coin(s). Anyone who stakes their $SCALP in "SCALPY Pro" vault receives their reward as $SCALP tokens. This helps SCALP holders to increase $SCALP token holding.
Users who provide liquidity in SCALP-USDT farm will receive stable coins as reward, this farm will run for 2 months then we list farms on major DEXs; it will be migrated to platform vaults.
Users who deposited their funds in Stable pool will receive rewards as stable coins, this will help users to diversify their investments and play well during market crashes.