How Safe Scalper is?

SCALPY smart contracts are forked from Beefy, Yearn & Compound protocol, which are a deeply battle-tested protocols and audited by Certik. We made very minimal to no changes in the smart contract codes. Security audit is one of the key milestone that we have it in our Roadmap. Soon the codes will be audited by a reputed smart contract audit firm.
As a counter check, we have analyzed all our contracts with "Slither", and we havn't found any security vulnerabilities.
Moreover crypto LP staking/farming is always a risk, please do your own research before investing in any project. There is a concept of "Impermanent Loss" in LP farming, we request you to understand impermanent loss before make any LP farming. To be crisp, impermanent loss is nothing but you will always end up having more number of low value asset than high value asset of the asset pair though you have supplied them equally during farming. SCALPY will help you to minimize the impermanent loss, as it continuously stabilizing or compounding your profits. All Scalper vault contracts owner would be a Timelock contract, meaning any big change like platform fee change, etc... will be processed only after at least 6 hours of transaction initiation. So users have enough time to react for the decisions and can exit the vault if they want.
Be SCALPY, just scalp it...
Last modified 1yr ago