Scalper Finance

How it works?

Depends on your strategy, choose a farm in any of the three platforms (Stabilizer, Hybrid & Compound). Then you just have to supply your LP token or assets for Staking/Farming which will continuously earn interest for you as per APR but as stable coins unlike other platforms. Whenever you deposit your LP tokens/assets to SCALPY vault, your assets will start earning interest; also you're helping others to get their profit stabilized/compounded like how the next user going to help you for stabilization/compounding.
As a receipt of your deposit, scalper tokens will be sent to your wallet which you will need during withdrawal. Sending these tokens to others may make you loose all your deposited funds. You can harvest your profits (in Stabilizer or Hybrid vaults) anytime without even disturbing your deposits, so your deposits will continue to earn interest for you!!!